Marzamemi, Vendicari, Noto

8 hours

Marzamemi: The suburb was born around the landing, then become I bring from fishing, and it is developed thanks to this last activity, very practiced still today, also equipping itself with a Tonnara, among the most important of Sicily.

Vendicari: founded in 1984 today it is one of the more representative damp zones of Europe and his/her importance, from the naturalistic point of view, you/he/she is internationally recognized. Hundreds they are the kinds of birds that choose her/it every year as place of standstill in the trip toward the zones of reproduction. After a brief walk, it is possible to observe them (birdwatching), especially in the autumn and spring months, accessing the capannis that entertain about ten impassioned dilettantes and not, armed with binoculars, spyglasses, tripods and digital cameras, trying to immortalize in the laying ideal someone of the hundred of noisy feathered that animate the slush. Before coming to Known, we will visit the Roman Villa of the Tellaro a rich residence extraurbana of the late Roman imperial age.

Noto: European Capital of the Baroque, Noto is one it covers forced for the one who comes to visit this part of Sicily. Here it is possible to enjoy some beauty of the Baroque one from the church of St. Francis, to the Cathedral, to the building of the Town hall, tasting the typical Sicilian (cannolo, Cassata, impanatiglia) sweets

Car and driver for all daily trip - Tax for parking
Not Included: 
Tourist Guide - Lunch in a typical trattoria - ticket entry to museum or monuments