Montalbano Places

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Ragusa Ibla: district of the city of Ragusa, is today the fulcrum from which the city of Ragusa is developed. It is situated in the oriental part of the city, above a hill that has gone since 385 to the 440 ms s.l.m.
The district contains over fifty churches (among which the cathedral of St. George) and numerous buildings in Baroque style. In the part most oriental, the Garden is found Ibleo and I is besides you introduce the excavations of the ancient city, called Hybla.

Castle of Donnafugata: there are various hypotheses on the origin of the name "Donnafugata." You/he/she is usually brought back to a legendary episode, what the escape of the Queen Bianca of Navarra, the king's widow Martin I of Aragon and regent of the kingdom of Sicily that you/he/she was imprisoned in the castle by the count Bernard Cabrerà, that inhaled to his

hand and, above all to the title of king. In reality the construction of the castle is following to the legend. According to others the name is the free interpretation and transcript of the Arabic term Ayn as Jafat (Source of the Health) that in Sicilian Ronnafuata becomes, from which the actual denomination.

- Punta Secca. Here we will visit the outside of the house of the commisario Montalbano and the sea where it loves to swim. And' a very pleasant destination where the buonissimis can be tasted "ARANCINI Of MONTALBANO" and to walk up to under to the lighthouse. In the summer period it is also possible to make the bath.
- Sampieri, seaside resorts of Scicli, from where the old factory can be admired, in the zone of the Mannara (Episode "it forms her some water").

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