Piazza Armerina and Caltagirone

9 hours

Piazza Armerina: Villa Romana del Casale: it deals with the most important archaeological recovery of Roman epoch of Sicily. The excavations have brought an imperial abode to the light, probably made to erect from the emperor Herculean, grandiose and monumental whose principal interest is given by the pompous floors to mosaic that an unique example constitutes for extension and artistic value. The excavations bring to day over 3.500mq of flooring musiva and four groupings of salt, constituted by thermal asbestoss and galleries.

Caltagirone: it is famous for the production of the ceramics, activity developed him in the centuries beginning from the times of the ancient Greek.
Rich of churches, valuable buildings and eighteenth-century villas, for the exceptional value of his/her monumental patrimony, in 2002 its historical center has been honored some title of Patrimony of the humanity from the UNESCO, together with the Val of Noto.

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