Ragusa e Scicli

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Ragusa Ibla: district of the city of Ragusa, is today the fulcrum from which the city of Ragusa is developed. It is situated in the oriental part of the city, above a hill that has gone since 385 to the 440 ms s.l.m.

The district contains over fifty churches and numerous buildings in Baroque style. In the part most oriental, the Garden is found Ibleo and I is besides you introduce the excavations of the ancient city, called Hybla.

Scicli: The characteristic conformation of the territory with the presence of cave and caves carsiche, has favored the birth of numerous rocky installations. Besides that prehistoric of Great Cave, we also remember the Byzantine slow installation of the VII century d.C. site in the place Castellaccio and the Byzantine (VIII century d.C.) and medieval (X-XI century d.C.) rocky installation in the place Chiafura, visible actually to our days.

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